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This class will introduce practitioners to the grace, flow and spiritual essence of lomilomi ~ Hawai`i’s traditional healing massage for harmonizing body, mind and spirit. Practiced throughout the Pacific for thousands of years, it is known to increase and balance the body’s vital energy while producing deep states of relaxation and awareness.

The class is designed for LMPS who are proficient in Swedish massage.  We will focus primarily on the traditional temple style lomilomi, using fluid forearm techniques, grounded footwork, application of the Hawai`ian healing principles and, the Gift of Aloha.

Class includes lecture, demonstration and hands-on components.  It will cover the cultural, historical, and spiritual context out of which this art form emerged.  You will learn sequences for the entire body.  Participants need to bring notebook, pen, water bottle, 2 sheets.


  • “There are no words to describe how re-inspired I am about massage and  how beautiful this modality is”
  • “Encompassing, full body strokes ”
  • “Intentionality and grounding before each session”
  • “Experienced a variety of sensation using forearms”
  • “Integration of entire body in creating fluidity; teaches incredible flow in massage”
  • “The art and spirit of the work”
  • “Concepts of LomiLomi (ideals and practices) are both inspiring and applicable to my  massage practice”
  • “Wonderful options for effective no thumbs massage…. less strain on hands, wrists,  fingers”
  • “Learning to work deeply and comfortably in the abdomen”
  • “The value of focus and slow, fluid movement”
  • “The fluidity and ‘love the body’ wisdom of LomiLomi puts me in touch with my  own creativity.”


The purpose of this class is to introduce practitioners to traditional deep tissue lomi techniques founded upon Hawai`ian healing principles and philosophy. These techniques are applied with hands, forearms and elbows, using specific intention and focus to access the deeper structures of the body. We will also work more specifically with and around the bones (the holders of Mana or spiritual power) to facilitate release and healing on all levels. We will combine deep tissue lomi with fluid forearm work for connecting and treating the whole body, incorporating body mechanics that support the health and integrity of our own bodies. Participants will increase their ability to work gently, yet deeply within the context of lomi’s heart-centered, spiritual essence ~ ALOHA.

Gaining competency in this modality will enable LMPs to increase their treatment options in multiple settings.  They will gain knowledge in an advanced style of bodywork that includes a specific physical application, as well as a methodology of working with mental and emotional/energetic aspects of the client’s being.

Class includes lecture, demonstration and hands-on components.  It will cover the cultural, historical, and spiritual context out of which this art form emerged.  You will learn sequences for the entire body. Participants need to bring notebook, pen, water bottle, 2 sheets.


  • “Learning to do deep friction with elbows and forearm – achieve better pressure and with less stress on my body”
  • “Kolleen is a wonderful instructor.  She is so passionate and it fills the room.  She is so good  at explaining the techniques and using kinesiology to tie it all together.  Thanks again!”
  • “I love how encompassing Lomi is, and the depth I obtain with this work is more effective because of it. I loved this class. It has me excited about doing massage again!”
  • “Passionate teachers are always the best! The information presented in this class is so valuable to me as an LMP. It filled in where my Deep Tissue Swedish class failed”
  • “This class taught me the skill of being grounded while using proper body mechanics and effective Lomi techniques for my clients. The class was excellent”

 “The amount of material covered in 2 days was amazing!  Kolleen is a wonderful person and instructor.  I learned so much in this class ~ too many new skills to list ~ and I plan to continue my study of Lomilomi.  Thank you so much!”


This 8 hour class will include both the theory and practice of gestalt, a term coined by 60’s therapist Fritz Perls. It describes a process of paying close attention to the body’s cues about emotional content, and of trusting the body to reveal, express and integrate what is most present and true within. We will cover the basic principles of working with the emotional body to facilitate awareness, release and healing. Participants will have an opportunity to explore and trust their own body wisdom in a safe, structured way through the use of breath, voice, and body movement. Gestalt is, above all, self-directed and empowering work for freeing vital energy, creativity and personal power. This class will provide a valuable source of information and experience for personal work and work with clients.


Private Classes (1 or 2 day) available for groups of 4-6.  Classes are held just up the hill from Clinton ferry on Whidbey Island, or Sponsor a class in your area.  Contact Kolleen to arrange details.  Mahalo!!

kaloeha@aol.com or call 206.280.3519



Seattle Reflexology & Massage Center / Seattle, WA
To Register: www.ce-pulse.com

May 28 (Thursday), 9 am – 6 pm  LOMILOMI/LOMILOKU Back of Body – 8 CE Credits, $160.00

May 29 (Friday), 9 am – 6 pm  LOMILOMI/LOMILOKU Front of Body – 8 CE Credits, $160.00

($300 when you register for Both Days)


Classes  Fall 2016 – TBD
Port Townsend School of Massage / Port Townsend, WA
To Register: Contact Bill Darlington (360.379.4066) bill@massageeducation.com


TBD 2016
Big Island of Hawai`i.  (Click Healing Arts Intensive icon for detailed information)
To Register: Contact Kolleen Kohlrus (206.280.3519) or kaloeha@aol.com  See brochure

Sponsor a class in your area – contact Kolleen to arrange details.  Mahalo!!

kaloeha@aol.com or call 206.280.3519

Winter Special 2014

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4 massages for $400. – 1.5 hr each 

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Reverse Ulna Push
2014 LomiLomi/Hawai`ian Healing Arts Intensive ~ March 1-8, 2014